Orientation for new residents of the city of Zurich

Every year, many people move to or within the city of Zurich. For this reason, we have created the welcome website zhmobil.ch in collaboration with VBZ, which helps all new residents to familiarize themselves quickly and easily with their new neighbourhood.

Zürich Mobil

Together with Zürcher Verkehrsbetriebe, we designed and implemented a website for new residents. The homepage contains a user-friendly tool to quickly and easily find the nearest public transport stop and display travel times to hotspots. Technically, the website runs on a WordPress multisite, which is connected to other VBZ websites such as VBZ Online, VBZ TrafficMedia and VBZ Extrafahrten.

Further projects for VBZ

Online calculator for the advertising industry

We have designed and developed an online calculator for advertising on streetcars and buses so that advertising customers of the Zurich Transport Authority (VBZ) can plan their advertising campaigns easily and online.

City magazine for an improved online experience

VBZonline is a magazine that tells informative stories about everyday life in Zurich’s public transport system and its players. It is dedicated to topics such as a sustainable lifestyle, urban living, mobility and much more.